Beating procrastination is hard, doing it alone is harder.
Join Procrushtinate, a daily monitoring and consultation program and

Crush procrastination for real and forever

Articles, talks and workshops don't help you beyond the temporary motivation boost. Procrastination hacks don't work beyond a day or two.

The only way to permanently beat procrastination is to persist on work you don't want to do until it becomes a habit. But trying to persist alone is next to impossible because you're not accountable to anyone, and there is nobody to support or guide you to get back on track at difficult times.

By joining Procrushtinate you'll get accountability, motivation and support to persevere on your tasks. You'll persist on your tasks and after sometime working at your will will become a habit. And when it happens you can cancel your subscription and work on your own.

What you'll achieve

  • Work steadily on your long term goals and eventually achieve them.
  • Have fun without feeling guilty, worried or stressed.
  • Get satisfaction and a feeling of well-being that further spurs you to get things done.
  • If you delay a task you won't beat yourself because you'll feel confident that you'll work on it the next day.
  • Feel in control of your life.

How it works


Know the whys and hows of procrastination

Read a concise guide to better understand your reasons behind procrastination and how to overcome it.


Work on your tasks

Armed with the new knowledge select one or two most procrastinated tasks, split them into subtasks and work on them.


Share your progress

At the end of each day, fill up a small questionnaire that tells me your progress and the bottlenecks you faced.


Persevere on your tasks

Get specific tips to overcome bottlenecks and to perform better. Get support and motivation if you face difficulties.

Questions you might have

Who is this program for?

For anyone who works alone towards reaching a goal: remote workers, freelancers, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, makers, designers, developers, writers, etc.

It's for those who really procrastinate. Some people who're overwhelmed with work can't complete all the tasks and think they procrastinate, which is wrong because they delay tasks for a valid reason—lack of time.

Who is this program not for?

The program is NOT for people suffering from depression, ADHD, OCD or any mental disorders.

What if it doesn't work for me?

Cancel the subscription anytime. To see if it works for you, sign up for a 3–day trial.

Will you refund if it doesn't work for me?

If you've tried the program for at least 5 days and found it didn't work I'll refund the amount pertaining to the remaining days of the plan.

Is this an app? Will I be working with a bot?

No, you'll be working with me, Rakesh. I'm a designer, an engineer and an ex-procrastinator who struggled a lot to crush it and finally did it. There is nothing automated about this program. For this reason I have only a limited number or slots available.

Do I have to show you proof of tasks completed?

No, you're your own boss. You decide what to work on, how much and whether you've completed it or not.

Isn't this a bit pricey?

No, you're going to beat your archnemesis and reach your goals for the price of just a coffee per day. Also, you won't be paying forever, only till working at will becomes a habit.

What members say

Rakesh [who runs the program] has greatly helped to improve my productivity level, taught me some key habits, and suggested alternatives to my go-to methods for achieving success. I had already begun to notice improvement even in the first few days!

Joe Weaver
Web Designer, Developer, University Professor

Choose a plan

If you keep procrastinating, one day you'd regret the things you wanted to do but never did, and by that time you might be too old to do anything about it. Crush procrastination now and start living the life you want.


For full-time remote workers

5 days/week



Alternate weekdays

For those who likes to take it slow

3 days/week
Mon, Wed, Fri




For weekend side-hustlers

2 days/week
Sat & Sun




For those who wants to try before committing

3 days
Any 3 days in a week



Don't want to pay?
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Post your daily tasks and progress, and get that extra bit of accountability to see through your tasks.


Are you about to bookmark this page?

Don't. That day you'll come back to it may never come. Half the key to beating procrastination is getting started immediately. If you really want to crush procrastination start right now.